60/52, 2021_07

(Words from Metal Guru by T-rex)

Below, a photograph of the site of the first of the two recordings used to create this audio work:

The artist's bed

Below, the site of the second of the two recordings used in this work. This house is a couple of minutes walk from my flat. The small brown wall plaque visible to the right of the house’s entrance reads:  “Mark Feld, later known as Marc Bolan, musician, lived here, 1947 – 1962”:

25 Stoke Newington Common, N16

One of my Facebook friends had replied to a wanna-be-viral post along the lines of ‘The number one single on your seventh birthday defines your pandemic experience’. My friend had managed to devine a positive message from the combined titles of his double A-sided birthday number one. I felt compelled to go and look-up what was at the top of the charts on my seventh birthday; It was Metal Guru by T-Rex. Thanks to YouTube the tune earwormed it’s way into my head.

It’s a festival of life song. I relate ‘Metal Guru’ to all gods around – someone special, a godhead. I thought how God would be, he’d be all alone without a telephone.” Marc Bolan