Commixed noyses

…barking of dogges, grunting of hoggs, wauling of cats, rumbling of ratts, gag­ling of géese, humming of bées, rousing of Bucks, gagling of ducks, singing of Swannes, ringing of pannes, crowing of Cocks, sowing of socks, kacling of hens scrabling of pennes, péeping of mice, trul­ling of dice, corling of froges, and todes in the bogges, chirping of crickets, shut­ing of wickets, skriking of owles, flit­ring of fowles, rowting of knaues, snor­ting of slaves, farting of churls, fisling of girles, with many things else, as ringing of belles, counting of coines, mounting of groines, whispering of loouers, springling of ploouers, groning and spuing, baking and bruing, scratching & rubbing, wat­ching and shrugging…

From Beware the Cat, William Baldwin, 1553, London

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