Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!Hiya Ms Awesome, love ya!

What’s this page about? Well… I saw this big geology map print thing with lots of groovy colours (even a metalic ink) and thought wow that’s cool! Michelle would love that, maybe I should get it for her birthday.

But then I thought what if you don’t like it that much? It’s a bit of big thing to have and not like and anyway I can hardly take it to Germany. So perhaps it’s best to check if you like it first and if not I can get you something cooler!

So here’s what it looks like:

World Geology Map, 1960mm x 1000mm

“All of our maps are printed using a lithographic printing process to give bold colours and shimmering metallics.

We print our maps on the highest quality FSC approved silk-coated paper. A sealer is applied to protect the inks, allowing you to gently wipe it down with a damp cloth. The print is finished with a gloss UV varnish to the landmasses, giving a luxurious finish.”

(Also availible in plastic coated and magnetic versions)