the hands are empty – & formerly held something

Study and examples of related work for ‘Ten Songs for a Lar’
KMM NPO Commission Proposal

Simon Goodwin, June 2020


Initial sonic sketch/study

A short study using some of the approaches and techniques intended to be used in the proposed work.
Recorded Oxted, Surrey, edited London, June 2020


Examples of related work 


Reading the Reels; An Arrangement for Artist and Archivist (Featuring a fragment from the text Draft version of Delia Derbyshire track listings Preliminary Comments (unedited) of Archive, Louis Niebur Aug 23, 07.)

Table, various audio and video playback equipment, video and audio recordings, lampshades, light.

Reading the Reels […] combines audio and video elements recorded during a visit to the Delia Derbyshire Archive in the John Rylands Library at the University of Manchester and various objects together into an audio-visual assemblage. Sonic elements include the collections curator reading descriptions of the archive artefacts and a binaural recording of myself in the archive reciting, in a hushed voice, the various email communications back and forth that preceded my gaining access to archive.

 Listening: intimacy/invisibility
Group performance with David Toop’s Unknown Devices, at IKLECTIK, 28 June 2018 (excerpt)

An extract from a group performance culminating a day’s workshop working with fellow UAL students and visiting students from Israel and Norway. The expert covers the section of the performance in which I was involved – working with various domestic objects and an audio cassette player.

The Sound of Criticism
Extract featuring pre-recorded material by myself and live radios from group performance for broadcast, ResonaceFM London

Explanatory text from ResonaceFM website:

“The Sound of Criticism: whilst considering the juxtaposing auditory qualities between the conversational medium of the radio and our more abstract sound works, we decided to opt for a middle ground in their presentation. Choosing to omit speech altogether we communicated, via the use of 4-band radios and a collectively devised text score, our reactions to the pieces as we heard them in an improvised performance. In running order: Daniel Beck, Teeranont Wiwatjesadawut, Jamie Turner, Eva Leung, Simon Goodwin.”

She Said

Track by Craftwork (Simon Goodwin), originally released on the  Plug Me In compilation, digital release on Myuzyk Netlabel.

The compilation this track was included in was subtitled Inspired by Delia Derbyshire and this track principally used sounds originally derived from radiophonic composer Derbyshire’s work as it’s source material. The only exception being the vocal elements, which are taken from an interview with Derbyshire.