Metal and Air

My track Metal and Air is included in the Sounds For and Empty House II digital album from Amgueddfa Llwch. Sounds For and Empty House is a project of Soundlands and Plas Bodfa Projects in collaboration with Amgueddfa Llwch

This work utilises an excerpt from one of a series of pre-existing recordings made on location in Plas Bodfa in windy weather conditions. I sonically processed this audio via domestic heating systems in a different empty house; my late parents home – the house where I grew up.

The heating systems used were a hot-air central heating system and an old convection heater. The original audio was first played through the central heating ducting from the ground floor and recorded via an upstairs vent. The process was later repeated with the new recording, this time with the microphone and amp locations reversed. This second recording was subsequently transmitted through the body of a convection heater up in the houses attic, recorded with a contact mic.

The finished audio piece utilises all three re-recordings.